About OFIA

Over 80 Years as the Unified Voice of Ontario's Sustainable Forest Industry

Founded in 1943, the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) is a provincial trade association and the home of CLA Grading and Inspection. The OFIA currently represents over 40 companies that operate world-class assets and sustainably manage over 30 million hectares of public and private forests in Ontario.

The OFIA provides a forum for its member companies to discuss common interests and concerns. Through various Boards and Committees, the OFIA serves to provide a unified voice for Ontario’s Forest industry with the government and the public. A Board of Directors governs the Association, including a representative from each voting member company.

OFIA’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

The overarching goal of the OFIA’s Strategic Plan is to improve operating conditions for member companies in Ontario to ensure that the forest sector can deliver value to its employees, shareholders, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities where they operate and contribute to climate change mitigation and a net-zero economy.

This Strategic Plan will remain flexible enough to respond to changing circumstances and measurable to evaluate success. While the Board may periodically revisit the Strategic Plan, a mid-term review of strategic areas, actions, and key performance indicators (KPIs) will be completed in 2025 by OFIA staff and members.

Mission Statement

The OFIA’s mission is to be the consolidated voice of our member companies to ensure:

⦁ Industry challenges and opportunities are recognized, addressed, and supported by the government.
⦁ A supportive policy environment exists in Ontario for the industry’s continued operations.
⦁ Awareness of Ontario's forest industry's social, economic, and environmental contributions.
⦁ Grassroots support from stakeholders and rights holders in the communities and regions where the sector operates.
⦁ The integrity of the CLA stamp.
⦁ The highest value and service levels to OFIA member companies and CLA clients.

The OFIA’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is organized under four strategic areas:

1. An Effective and Influential Organization

The OFIA aims to provide the highest levels of value and service to OFIA members and CLA clients by acting as a forum for its members to discuss issues of common interest and concerns.

2. Growth in OFIA Membership and CLA Client Base

From timber producers, energy generators, to wood product producers, OFIA members represents every facet of Ontario's forest industry. This variety of expertise provides OFIA leadership with unparalleled technical support to make decisions and address any concerns relevant to the industry.

3. Leveraging Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy (FSS) to Improve Competitiveness

Leveraging Ontario's Forest sector requires a multi-faceted approach. The OFIA actively engages with key players in addressing topics such as removing barriers to accessing wood, reducing red tape, expanding markets, recruiting and growing talent in the wood sector and improving collaboration with Indigenous partners in managing our forests. By addressing these issues, we are hopeful that a favourable policy framework can be developed.

4. Showcasing Ontario’s Forest Industry

Addressing misconceptions and amplifying positive stories within Ontario's forest sector is a focus of the OFIA.