CLA Grading & Inspection

Cost-Effective Grading Services

The Canadian Lumbermen's Association (CLA) was founded in Ottawa in 1907 and became incorporated in 1931. The CLA was created "to promote the interests and conserve the rights of those engaged in lumbering or the manufacture, sale or distribution of lumber" (1947). In 2009, the CLA merged with the Ontario Forest Industries Association. Today, the OFIA and CLA Grading and Inspection, “provides vision and leadership to companies involved in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of Canadian wood products” (Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board, 2016).

The CLA operates a lumber quality control service. This service permits softwood-producing mills to grade-mark lumber. It also has Canadian, American, and UK standard accreditation and certification privileges.

For more information on the CLA and its services, please contact our Chief Grader and Inspector, Mark Saranpaa, at