Thought Leadership and Professional Support

OFIA committees provide expert advice to government on legislation, regulation, and policy impacting all facets of the industry.

Committees also serve as a forum to share best practices and relevant issues impacting all regions of the province.

The Algonquin Park Committee includes members who access wood supply from Algonquin Park and work with the Algonquin Forestry Authority (AFA), the only forest management unit in a provincial park in Ontario. The Committee addresses issues including wood supply, future planning, and ensuring strong relations with the AFA.
The Biomass Committee is one of OFIA's newest and fastest-growing committees, comprised of members involved in producing energy and electricity from forest biomass. The Committee acts as a forum for information and advocacy for the expanded use of forest biomass in Ontario and was involved in the creation of Ontario’s first-ever Forest Biomass Action Plan.
The forest industry is facing a significant challenge attracting and developing talent. A shortage of workers across all facets of the industry is currently limiting the growth potential of the sector. This Committee works with our membership and other external organizations to define the problem, address the issues, and develop potential solutions.
Acting as a forum for information exchange, the OFIA’s Indigenous Relations Committee draws from our membership’s broad base of experience in Indigenous affairs. The committee discusses ongoing matters such as land title claims, resource revenue sharing, and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP).
The membership of OFIA’s Manufacturing Committee includes mill managers, process and environmental engineers, and technicians. The OFIA facilitates technical discussions and advises government on issues related to carbon pricing, emission and effluent regulations, electricity pricing, labour, and energy programs.
OFIA leads Ontario’s Pulp and Paper Coalition, which includes non-OFIA members’ pulp and paper facilities. The Coalition aims to ensure that carbon pricing programs work for Ontario’s forest industry, at both provincial and federal levels. This group communicates regularly with senior Ministerial staff and has demonstrated successful outcomes for several years.
The OFIA’s Softwood Lumber Committee represents the OFIA in matters related to the ongoing trade dispute with the United States. The Committee regularly joins meetings of the provincial and federal governments to share updates, and to discuss our unified legal and political strategy.
A technical working group consisting of SFL managers, forest practitioners, and woodlands managers who represent OFIA full-member, affiliate and associate companies. The Woodlands Committee  meets formally four times per year and informally more frequently to advance sustainable forest management and discuss species at risk and other forestry and environmental policy that can impact the forest sector.