OFIA Internship Program

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Introduced in 2022, the OFIA’s Internship Program provides an exciting opportunity for the successful candidate to collaborate with government and industry leaders on pressing issues impacting Ontario’s forest sector.

Working closely with Association leadership, the successful candidate will help position Ontario’s industry to meet increased global demand for sustainable forest products, implement Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy, secure a net-zero carbon future, investigate opportunities for innovation and growth in the emerging bioeconomy, and contribute to OFIA’s legal and advocacy efforts on the softwood lumber trade dispute.

Insights from OFIA's Internship Program Participants

“OFIA's Internship Program provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate with government and industry leaders with extensive knowledge of pressing issues that impact Ontario's Forest Sector. My experience as a Forest Policy Analyst Intern for the OFIA has been an eye-opening, informative, and unique experience. The OFIA provides a supportive learning environment, led by a team of dedicated professionals and policy leaders. This internship has encouraged my personal and professional growth by providing me with the opportunity to apply what I have learned through both my professional experience and studies to real-world situations.

Through my time with the OFIA, I have been able to delve into forest policy in Ontario. The OFIA Policy Analyst Internship offers exciting opportunities for students entering the forest industry. Some of these include meeting and creating relationships with forest industry leaders, visiting Northeastern Ontario to tour mills and woodlands operations, and sitting in provincial and federal meetings and industry consultations. These experiences have helped to broaden my perspective and contribute to policy files such as species at risk, invasive species, critical road infrastructure, and forest degradation.

I highly recommend any other students interested in forest policy in Ontario to apply for this exciting and challenging opportunity in Ontario's rapidly growing forest industry.”

-Sabrina Gatt, OFIA Policy Analyst Intern, Summer 2023

Photo Credit: Outland Youth Employment Program (OYEP)