Jobs of the Future: 'Forestry is going gangbusters' in Northwestern Ontario

Forestry in Northern Ontario is an integral part of the region’s economy, but when the recession of 2008-’09 hit, the demand for lumber and other forest products decreased significantly. Many forestry companies were forced to lay off workers or shut down operations entirely.

Fast forward 15 years and forestry is now experiencing labour force and skill shortages that are preventing the sector from realizing its full economic potential.

Bridging the Gap Between Ontario’s Youth & the Provincial Forestry Sector is a recent study that explores the current job vacancies and the education and training needed to fill the workforce gaps.

The study was a collaboration between Forests Ontario and Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) with the support of the Government of Ontario.

“The forestry sector is faced with labour shortages across a variety of roles, and these are expected to increase over the next five to 10 years,” said Ian Dunn, president and CEO at OFIA.

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